The quintessence in this concept is that audio amplification being a pure analog statement shall perform as an optimal analog event.
Contrary to standard restricted and limited concepts found in conventional open loop designs or negative feedback designs.
The Cordis Signature 3.6 utilises a sophisticated algorithm providing regulation and signal control. Proportional and harmonious
combinations of stable open loop circuits, sophisticated feed forward topologies and moderate overall feedback functions enable the
amplification to breath easily even under the most demanding conditions.

The result: an amplification that simply disappears allowing the music to flow.

The Cordis Signature 3.6 consists of separate power supply and output circuitry for each channel.
This construction avoids coupling of electronic devices, delivering pure signals very effectively.
The efficiency of Cordis Signature 3.6 is conservatively measured to 2 x 1360W in 4 Ohms.
The exterior design presents a superb combination of natural materials
combining elegance and ultra rigidness in mechanical construction.

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