Adyton Imagic 2.0 TC is our reference line source loudspeakers. These loudspeakers offer among the worlds most realistic sound pictures. A total of 36 full tone speakers per pair are capable of delivering a sound pressure that truly puts the listener in real contact with the music. Imagic 2.0 must be supported by a pair of high quality subwoofers as the main system does not go lower than 80Hz.


Frequensy response: 80-100000Hz
Sensitivity 94db/2,83V
Impedance 4 ohm
Electrical phase +/- 30 degrees
Efficiency 1000W

18 x 7,5cm full tone speakers
1 x Ribbon tweeter
Arranged in a line source construction.
Design: Geir Fredriksen

Dimensions 11 x 23 x 195

Available finishes:


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