The amplification topology reflects the basic implemented algorithm which has resulted in unique
applications of modern semiconductor devices. Frequency bandwidth limitations is defined and set by
external passive network components.

Unlike conventional transistorised power amplifier designs, the incorporated power sections of the Cordis Signature 3.4
will never saturate, even under extreme overloading. Consequently, this amplification is free from transient
distortions caused by semiconductor saturation and recovery periods.


Not to be neglected when there is put forward a goal of
making an amplification void of any personality
- thereby being able to ensure an honest reinforcement of the original performance.

The Cordis Signature 3.4 consists of separate power supply and output circuitry for each channel.
This construction avoids coupling of electronic devices, delivering pure signals very effectively.
The efficiency of Cordis Signature 3.4 is conservatively measured to 2 x 660W in 4 Ohms.
The exterior design presents a superb combination of natural materials
combining elegance and ultra rigidness in mechanical construction.

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