Looking at the basics we claim that accuracy in audio technology depends on the quality of the implemented
algorithm chosen for signal processing. In addition, it is critically important that every single device is allowed to operate
unimpeded, and free from environmental disturbances. By focusing research and development relative to transmittive
physical energies between components, this has consequently resulted in a product with a harmonious integrity
between the mechanics and the electronics.

This conceptual approach is finally realised through the Cordis 2.0 amplification
- A contribution to a no waste of energy criteria allowing the music to flow -

Adyton Cordis Signature 2.0 is a stereo power amplifier conservatively rated at 2x550W at 4ohms. The exterior
design presents a superb combination of natural materials combining ultra rigidness in mechanical construction.
The layout is based on criteria’s for minimal physical vibrations and high mechanical decoupling of electronic devices.
The amplification is fully protected against malfunctions and incorporates a power capacity ensuring its
capability of driving virtually any kind of loudspeaker system.



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