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We are proud to present our Imagic line of loudspeakers. As a manufacturer of high end audio products we always strive to create products that get the best out of your music recordings. We also strongly feel that a true High End audio product needs a minimalistic, timeless design. Because of that, Imagic loudspeakers are constructed after the Line Source principal with a total of 18 full range speakers (on the Imagic 2.0) in a straight vertical line. At a width of only 11 cm the horizontal dispersion is exceptionally good, giving the loudspeakers excellent characteristics when it comes to room feeling for the listener. The overall height of the loudspeakers together with a vertical dispersion per speaker of only 5 degrees, ensures exceptionally good overall vertical dispersion whilst controlling reflections against the ceiling and floor effectively.

Worldclass sound

By choosing the line source principal with many small speakers instead of a few big ones we effectively avoided the potential problem of large mass in motion, that is difficult to control and extremely demanding to the amplifier. Each full range speaker has a moving mass of only 2 grams, and covers the frequency range from 80-17000 Hz. The ribbon tweeter covers the frequency ranges from 10 kHz and up. Imagic loudspeakers need to be supported by two high quality subwoofers, as they do not cover frequencies below 80 Hz. The low amount of movable mass also gives advantages when it comes to detail, speed and softness.

Hand made in Norway

The cabinets are handmade with birch veneer, and the very compact measurements increases rigidity and stability giving the speakers the optimal performance environment. Every pair of Imagic Loudspeakers are assembled and tested by our engineer so you can be sure that the loudspeakers that are delivered to you are truly a top class product.

Loudspeaker design by Geir Fredriksen

Imagic Silver Signature 2.0

Imagic Silver Signature 1.6

Imagic 1.5


Imagic 2.0

Imagic 1.6

Imagic Center

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